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shouting an attack name while performing it makes it much stronger
Law of anime physics # 44 states that when Goku shouts kamehameha, it makes it stronger.
by Chiba Ryou September 21, 2008

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Saying the name of an attack increases its power. Made popular by hbi2k's abridged series of the anime 'Gantz'

A popular example of Law #44 is DBZ's Goku shouting when he uses the Ka-me-ha-me-ha Wave
Kato- You've each got to make up an attack name!
Beshonen Kurono- What?!?!
Kato- Law of Anime Physics # 44!

Goku- Kaaaaaaa.....Meeeeee.......Haaaaaaaaa.......Meeeeeeee......HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
by The Jew Fox December 29, 2010