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A girl rides a guy while knowingly on her period...he cums inside of her and she squeezes out a mixture of her blood and his cum all over his a mixture out of a yogurt machine...thus creating LAVA FLOW.
Here it cums!!!!!!! Lava Flowwwwww!! Oh no...It hasn't burst for years like that!!! Watch out for magma! Or Smegma! Runnnnnnnnn!
by Seth Green Lookalike April 04, 2009
An expression that describes a morbidly obese person's rolls of fat, usually, but not limited to, the torso of their body. Typically, these rolls of fat are spilling over pants, shirts, or any other articles of clothing, resulting in a visual analogy to lava flowing over a wall, embankment, or into a body of water.
"Oh my, look at that person's lava flowing over their pants!"
Or, "Holy crap, that person is so fat, its like lava flow!"
by bluelabel June 10, 2010
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