A crazy black haired woman who dances in her underpants and occasionally likes sushi. She is seen to be a man-eater and loves sex. Woman who has a big booty & big boobies.
Girl : Oh man I feel like a laurissa.
Boy : Oh I can't wait to see your panties and feed you raw fish.
Girl: Oh behave.
Boy : Please don't eat me & take my virginity
by fantanna February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A special breed of woman with a grace and charm, that though... unique... still catches the eye in a pleasing way. A laurissa will treat you fairly, allowing for many chances to right a wrong, but will not wait forever. laurissas are naturally gifted in many ways, including music, science, and mathematics.
Hugging a laurissa is said to instill a wonderful bliss upon the hugger that doesn't last nearly long enough, requiring another hug very shortly after.
Did you see the girl with the violin and the way she walked on stage? Now that's a laurissa.
by compgene July 03, 2006
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