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The process of detailing individual steps on an entire project to emphasise the point of extended labour/works when the project could be captured in one grouped process
Person 1: "I did the laundry"
Person 2: "great work, well done"

Person 1: "I...
1. Collected dirty clothes,
2. Sorted the loads in to specific groups i.e. whites, lights, darks, towels, sheets etc,
3. Put the load in machine,
4. Added washing powder/fabric softener,
5. Turned on the machine,
6. Waited for the load to finish,
7. Hung up the clothes,
8. Waited for them to dry,
9. Brought the dry clothes in from the line,
10. Folded clothes,
11. Sorted them by owner groups,
12. Put clothes piles into owners rooms"

Person 2: "Are you pulling a Laundry Theory on me?!"
by Silverino March 22, 2012