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Any follower of the Laughlin cult, where Josh Laughlin is the leader. The Laughlinites follow his life to the "t" or the "L" in this case. Helping those in need of lives is a major quest in a Laughlinite's journey. The claw is the cult's sign commonly flashed among its members.
That man convinced Tommy to find a girl, instead of talking in chatrooms all day. He must be a Laughlinite!
by Matt Tulsie April 03, 2008
A resident of Laughlin, NV or the surrounding area. Used to 115 degree weather every day, more than six months of the year. Usually works in a casino, is retired, or is a degenerate unemployed gambler.
East Coast Tourist: Hey, do you stand living here all the time. It's hot as hell.

Bartender: I'm used to it. I'm a Laughlinite. When I go to hell, It'll be cooler.
by Uncle Lance July 20, 2008
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