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Jelly (usually lime flavoured) made by one sexual partner inside the anus of the other. Once set, the jelly is excreted and consumed by one or both parties
I made some Latvian jelly last night and it took ages to set
by DGW November 16, 2007

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Where one sexual partner makes a jelly mixture up and pours it over the partner when it is cool but not set. They let it set on their partner's skin and later lick it off and eat it off the skin including all orifices. Lemon flavour or lime flavour tastes best
* Hey bitch, what's for dinner tonight?
* Don't know about you, but I'm having Latvian jelly
by JulieX56 July 22, 2009
When someone makes liquid jelly and pours it over someone else's bum cheeks as part of sex and tries to eat it after its set
- Want to try some Latvian Jelly later?
- Not really but I'll make some if you want
by gazJ08 July 19, 2009