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A Mall Located in Latham, New York. The mall has been recently sucking at life due to poor management and shitty anchor stores. They had anchors such as Caldor and J.C. Penny, however, once Caldor went out of business it seemed that the mall was damed for hell. The food court (food-less court) has no restaurants. That's right, not even a McDonald's would pursue the Patients (believed to be insane) who still roam the mall area. The mall has recently transferred ownership, but it will be tough to revive a pile of shit.
Person 1: "Hey have you gone to Latham Circle Mall lately."
Person 2: "Yeah, why?"
Person 1: "What store did you go to?"
Person 2: "I went to every single one!"
Person 1: " Oh so only JC Penny."
Person 2: "Yeah!"
by TyTyhatesny October 25, 2009

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