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1 A group of friends or classmates who stay up late into the early hours of the morning with you doing homework. You usually socialize with them over some online messenger such as Gmail, AIM, MSN, or Facebook chat. You hardly get any work done, but you are happy to say that you're bonding with your LNB!

2 A secret society only kids who procrastinate and take AP/Honors classes would be eligible for.

3 A group of friends that know you at your worst state; sleep deprived, stressed, and possibly horny.
"I spend my nights sitting at the computer furiously doing homework and talking for hours with the few who dare stay up to the early hours of the morning with me. Dear Late Night Buddies!"

"It's 3:20a.m, and it's the first meeting of the Late Night Buddies Society!"

"So everyone, there's a 10 page paper due tomorrow and I'm sure nobody has started it. Tonight's LNB meeting will consist of the essay and cups of hot cocoa with marshmellows! -YAAAY!- "
by Ohdearashley November 17, 2009
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