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This term was coined by Hash Ketchum during the original, unaired pilot episode of 4GGH. (Four Guys Get High)

To take a laser hit, you must be hot-boxing. Once the room is sufficiently filled with smoke, you are ready. Here are the steps.

1. Fill the bowl
2. Take a big hit while your friend shines a green laser on your forehead (it can be red, but green is preferable)
3. Once your lungs are full of smoke have someone turn off the lights
4. Have the laser-holder wave the laser in front of your face creating a two-dimensional plane of light
5. Here's the magic^^ Blow the smoke into the plane of light, and you will create what looks like a glowing, morphing, topographical map that'll have everyone saying "holy shit!"
Guy1: Let's film these laser hits and put them on You Tube.

Guy2: Dude, it's nearly impossible to get a laser hit on film.

Guy3: That's what's so special out them. You have to be there to experience one.

Guy4: Woah. That's actually pretty deep...
by Hash_Ketchum February 23, 2010

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