best redneck comedian ever
larry the cable guy is awesome
by Dan March 23, 2005
A piece of shit in a sleevless flannel shirt. It's a git er done and britches every fuckin minute.
I didn't even know that I was sitting behind Larry the Cable Guy in some restaurant. I heard him blurt out "GIT ER DONE!!!!!" and my ear started bleeding and I couldn't hear out of it. So I turned around found out who it was, and broke the Rebel flag guitar sitting next to him over his brainless head.
by Survivor Fan September 16, 2004
Comedian. Anyone who says he sucks should be sent to Russia and tied to a tree to starve. He is one of the coolst comedians on the planet.
My sister is covered in moles.
by nath March 19, 2005
the best comidian ever!
should be the president of the united states
Larry the cable guy should be the president.
by kickass2014 June 08, 2007

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