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a person hailing from the a council estate named 'The Larkman' in Norwich, UK. The women will usually be found adorning large amounts of cheap gold jewelry often purchased at F H Hinds on St. Stephens street situated very conveniently near to ARGOS, poundland and Iceland - all places a Larkmanite is likely to be found. The men generally stay at home and play on their PSP's the more fortunate will often own a moped on which they will ride around Norwich city centre. Residents of the Larkman tend to stick together and rarely wonder far from the estate - they keep it in the family and have a motto for meeting ones partner - 'Why cross the street when you can cross the hall',
A. Look at those scummy people who are they?...
B. They are Larkmanites from the Larman estate - do not look them directly in the eyes (this is totaly dependant on them having two working eyes)
by Beaver... August 21, 2008
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