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Asher Roth Song

There have been lyric mis-prints thinking he says:
"You can take a palsky, imma take lark on my go-kart"


It's reffering to Saved By The Bell Characters Kelly Kapowski and Lark Voorhies judging by the music video.
You can take Kapowski
Imma take Lark on my go-kart
by twisk4 June 24, 2009

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A sick song by asher roth
you can take a palsky
ima take lark on my go kart
by thefiresoflove12 June 13, 2009
1.Put your pet bird on my balls.
2.To queef on someones balls.

"Go lark on my go kart D-mann"
by Asher Rothh. April 10, 2009