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Known to the native population as the land of the butterflys, but known to all others as the absolute scum of the earth. It is a shit hole of a city in the nezperce resevation. A hell hole where timber niggers thive off government money to fund there casinos, firework stands, and meth addictions. the residents leave neglect all forms of self improvement, resulting in a town that resembels a mid-affrican warzone. the residents are so lazy that they even forget they own pets. there are more stray dogs and cats than any city in the union. THe huge feral pet population is the entertainment for neighboring white trash residents who find joy in "cat hunting".
Holy shit lock your door we are in Lapwai
God damn Lapwai is a shit hole.
That cat you killed in Lawai last week could make boon and crocket.
hey want some meth? yea lets go to Lawai.
by Commie Killer November 09, 2008
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