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huge or obscurely large or awkward pussy lips. Usually getting in the way, or humors.
Tammi "Is it in?"

Bill "No, I can't find the hole because of your lap flaps"

Ron " You really going to fuck Jen?"
John " Yea why?"
Ron " Good luck. Most people cant get past her lap flaps"
by N-Dangerous August 27, 2010
the flaps found inside numerous magazines that fall out onto your lap usually asking you to resubscribe or to buy a certain product
person 1: *reading magazine* holly sh!t what the f*ck was that thing on my f*cking leg!!!!
person 2: dude calm down its just a lap flap....p*ssy
by my name is a secret shhhh September 01, 2010
The name for the card order forms, advertisements, etc. that fall out of a magazine.
"He'd rather not be the first to read his new magazines because he hated to suffer the ensuing barage of the lapflaps."
by beeberly September 10, 2009
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