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1) A French Canadian porn actress (Lanny Barby)

2) A brilliant tattoo which has been skillfully carried out to cover a previous, bad tattoo which one now regrets. Very common in rural areas of Germany.
"Since I got my lanny I'm OK to wear a bikini again"
by JJellybean April 04, 2010
18 12
A girl who is not not cute or hot ,but she think she is.
Has an ugly body and like to fuck.
A whore.
A Slut.
Guy 1: Dude that girl you went out with last night is such a lanny,
Guy 2: I know dude I just needed to fuck something.
by checkurbal November 26, 2009
114 59
The act of treading in dog excrement and then walking it into a friends motor vehicle.
Oh no, hes done a lanny!
by ssapoohwanac April 27, 2010
33 16
A gigolo. A manchild who marries dowdy old lesbian women to support his artistic ass. The male cliche of an artist.
Don't cry Sara, even if you gave up your entire life to take care of such a Lanny, it's not too late to get a sexuality and become an artist in your own right.
by notabitchthebitch July 04, 2011
7 8