A wonderful Youtube abridger who is most famously known for his work on YuYu Hakusho Abridged(His own abridged series on which he works on by himself) and Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z abridged with KaiserNeko, Takahata101, Megami33 and MasakoX(with the exception of Vegeta3986, Antfish, GanXingba and HBI2K guest starring every few episodes)It is said that he hates LittleKuriboh and his 'fanboys', but as said in his video,'U Can't Touch Lani', he was just doing it for funny purposes and he doesn't actually hate LittleKuriboh.
by NightPie January 01, 2011
Top Definition
A fellow popular Abridger who is a part of TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. He is called Lani for short, and voices Vegeta and Krillin in TFS's Dragon Ball Z Abridged, and is part of Yugioh Abridged. Lani is extremely silly, and, as said in Can't Touch Lani, (his abridger's rap, as you may say) he hates LittleKuriboh and his fellow fans. He has high self-esteem, also as said in Can't Touch Lani. He lanipates.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen the tenth episode of DBZA?

Person 2: Yeah! Isn't Lanipator awesome?

Person 1: Yeah!

LittleKuriboh: ...stfu

Person 1: NO U!
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
The most awsome dude alive. (Creator of Yu Yu Hakusho abridged, and part of Team Four Star.)
"Have you checked Lanipator's channel? Theres a new episode of Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged!"
by EnvyAiko October 05, 2008
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