He wasn't just a boy. He was happiness. He was the world. The one person that you cared about more than anything. Someone who didn't judge you and always thought you were beautiful no matter what. The one person that made you feel like everything would be okay. The person that you least expected to ever hurt you, that told you they'd always love you, then one day... he just stops. And so does your mind. Oh, thinking about him makes my heart hurt. ~ E
There's never been anyone better than Landen.
#heart break #breakup #heart ache #broken heart #lovesick
by lolitakitten April 05, 2013
Top Definition
The most funny, caring, happy, outgoing guy. You can't help but smile when you hear his laugh. He is a precious boy who only wants to make people happy. He is so loving and considerate. beware of the temper!
When Landen giggles it just melts your heart!
#landen #precious #caring #happy #loving
by mellylanden February 26, 2009
A man with usually red hair and has the biggest cock ever.
OMG! I want Landen SOOOOO BAD!!!
#big cock #awesome #funny #ginger #sweet
by landen01 May 12, 2011
very hot and sexy and has a huge cock and is very handsome
wow i sucked landens cock and it was great
by hugedyn May 05, 2016
also see raspy cunt
landen loves old grannies that are fat and hairy
you raspy cunt landen
by disco June 08, 2003
What you say when you're constipated, instead of a curse word....
#landen #constipated #constipation #instead #of #curse #word #substitute
by GoldChrome July 10, 2008
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