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A "Woman" of Hideous size usually with facial hair, 2 or more pairs of boobs (back titties are acceptable) and an odor that could singe the hairs off a fly's ass.

Normally found amongst a group of unattractive women you wouldn't be interested in, these beasts are kept around to give dynamic to the herd in order to find an willing, or at least unconscious mate.

Take particular care in approaching a land-sea cow as it has tendencies to react differently to attractive males/females usually overtly friendly(M) or aggressively(F).
*done with an old "sea dog" voice*
"Ya-har, that be one of the terrors of the deep, risen to run buffets out of buisness"

"Mommy, what's that?!"
"That's a Land-sea cow, stay away it might mistake you for food."
by Explorerdude. August 16, 2011
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