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The incredible furry of the land trout can destroy everything.
Land trout is a trout that sprouted legs and walks on land. It is a very vicious force to be reckoned with and shouldn't be attacked or even looked at.

The animal is a joke on the Play station community especially in the kill zone barracks.
So i was walking around in the forest and i saw a land trout stalking me i quickly dove into the water, to escape the trout, but i saw an aquatic grizzly.....and right then and there i knew i was screwed luckily they attacked each other(for they are mortal enemies), and i escaped
by Sixx Bird March 23, 2010
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to go to the alaskan shores, catch a trout, bring it back to your fly L.A. beach house, and before engaging in sexual intercourse with anyone/thing smack the vaginal area viciously until internal bleeding
dude i gave your mom a landshark last nite !

oh really well your girlfriend enjoyed the landtrout i gave her half an hour ago, betch. ragellfragelllllllfuickyourself.
by fatal landtrout May 03, 2011
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