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A disgustingly overweight, fat-ass girl. Suitable if compared to Shamu or Free Willy of the human world. Usually seen gobbling snack cakes, bags of chips, or a lonesome toddler, if left unattended. Fully equiped with grease mitts and a heavy breathing problem. The disease is also known as Whalentitus. Usually they are disgruntled, with aggressive movement due to the lack of food. Constantly shoveling a smorgasbord of carcinogen riddle piles into there bottomless mouths, these creatures are best left alone. Unless your down to go whaling. Spicks and Negros love to keep these creatures on call.
James:"Hey Paul! What the fuck man! Why did you invite that stupid-ass land orca here?!" Paul: "Thats jakwons girl!!" James:"I dont give a fuck!!!! She just swallowed our Fridge and my Youngest son!
by KB2563 October 06, 2009

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