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An exclusive party held once per year in December at the Lancaster Country Club to debut select young women of society, the Debutantes. Membership in "The Assembly", as it is referred, is made up of affluent people of high status in the Lancaster community. It would be incredibly rare to see someone who is not white even attending the party (and certainly not debuting). The dress code is white tie (tails for men) and floor length gowns and kidskin gloves (for both women AND men). To be invited, one must already be ingrained in this very elite crowd so there is no hope for common people. People go every year, often parents and their 21 year old children who all get very inebriated and kiss each other on the cheeks. The Assembly was started by President James Buchanan as the Lancaster Assembly in 1780. As WASPy as it gets.
"Are you going to the Lancaster Assembly this year?"

"Of course, darling! I go every year!"
by lancgurl2 June 14, 2012
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