a language using "ingy" at the end of every word. mostly cool people use it.
and when your going to say a curse word you use the first letter of the word and then add "oda"
Iingy caningy speaking lami ingy verying gooding. heyingy myingy bestingy friendingy. iingy thinkingy thatingy Rebeccaingy isingy aingy boda.
by sosingy May 01, 2008
Top Definition
the most amazing person in the world, cares about others, helps everyone, loves her family and friends, if you mess with her she WILL fight back! You are lucky if you know a lamis
by loveyou12345678 December 01, 2010
Visayan word for delicious, nice, awesome, looks good, etc.

usually used to describe food, but also can be used on a thing or place or event
ex. 1
"lami ang pagkaon"
"delicious food"

ex. 2
"tanawa ang sakyanan, lami kaayo tanawun"
"look at that car, it looks awsome"
by bummerbam June 05, 2009
A common misspelling of the word "LMAO" (laughing my ass off). Mostly used by people who cannot spell.

People who make this typo say they are dislexic. When they really are not, and just don't want to look bad/stupid/retarded.
<Me>: Arugh these people are throwing beer bottles outside of my house.
<N00b>: LAMI
<Me>: ...Laughing your ass in? That must be painful.
<N00b>: lol, i hav dislexia lol. i type werong.
<Me>:Uhmmm being dislexic does not mean you can't type on the keyboard, nor do you see spinning letters or anything.
<N00b>:LMAI owned!!!1//1
<Me>: Once again laughing your ass in... and your laughing at yourself.
<N00b>:i hax u be nic 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!@//?!
by Cyber Kujacker August 26, 2006
An overachieving bookworm who although is intellectually gifted still can be classified and popular and a social butterfly. Is usually rich or physically attractive compared to the usual geeks of a lame status.
*Is commonly used as a compliment.
"OMG! Your dads flying you to Europe for the whole summmer cuz you got straight A's all year. God your such a Lami!"

by IfUSeeKayla March 15, 2009
lami is a not-so-common typo for the word "lmao". Literally meaning the same thing: Laughing my ass off.
Me: I think my dog just died...
Meg: lami!
by Hugo Valentine July 06, 2006
a bitchy single mother, often blames everything on her youngest child, is usually her fault but continues to nag, often yells about nothing or something that is very unimportant, hates working, often says shes going to "crack" one day, likes all work to be done for her by the time she gets home or she throws a fit, claims that she is the only one that is tired or has a job, partypooper, hates fun.
wow that single mom's a bitch

yea shes a real lamis
by danny67 May 27, 2010
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