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1. A noun. A person who has reached the highest level of social status. A person who really stands out and does everything without a hint of effort. They carry out their day-to-day life in the coolest of manners and nothing is too much for them.

To be a trueLaminak, one must know how to be and act like a Laminak without trying to be a Laminak.

2. A noun. Someone who has an outstanding desire for lamb.
1. That guy there, he's a trueLaminak, he finished that 16 inch pizza in five minutes himself without even complaining about the meat sweats.
'He's a total Laminak, he's flying without wings.' 'Mate that's called falling'. 'Nah that's called being trueLaminak'.

2. Mate I am laminak, I could totally eat that herd of sheep. I'm trueLaminak.
by Laminak1 November 13, 2011
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