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1. The King of Lame; one who chiefly thrives off the disappointment of others.

2. The anchor to all things enjoyable and happy.
Herbavores are having a party. Great beats provided by DJ Stegasaurs. The tree bark Chef Triceratops made is so tasty. Yo my boy Pteredactyl I haven’t seen you is so long. Dramtically the door swings open and it’s my roommate. He’s brooding with emo overtones. He pulls me aside and asks that the music gets turned down and everyone he doesn’t know should leave because he doesn’t trust them. Also, he can’t stay up late with me because he has to rock climb with his new Omnivore friends. I return to the party. "Who’s that?" they ask me. Oh, that’s just my roommate. He’s Lameasaurus Rex.
by kazkaz November 09, 2011
The scariest dinosaur was probably lameasaurus rex, since it was the most powerful meat-eater. a giant raptor 50 feet long, with a huge killer toe and hand claws and sharp teeth.
person what do you think of rawraserous rex?

person is pretty lame. lameasaurus rex is intense!!!
by christopher12222 March 15, 2011
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