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Associated with anything lame.
1-"Hey, I just bought the new Harry Potter on DVD and VHS!"
2-"Wow, that would go well with a big plate of lame chops."
by Mac, February 24, 2008
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any of various lame or otherwise uninteresting situations or atmospheres. (expressed cynically or sarcastically)

1. Lamechop sandwich. A series of lamechops falling into one elaborate illustration.
2. Weaksauce Lamechops. A situation or atmosphere that is extremely lame or otherwise uninteresting.
3. Bacon-flavored Lamechops. Lamechops that have some kind of benefit.
Yeah, I have to work late tonight, but the boss said I get double-time, so I'll take those bacon-flavored lamechops and eat the gristle while I'm at it.
by IThinkIWetMyselfAgain November 02, 2010
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