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a school in southern forsyth county, Georgia where if you're parents are rich your social status is through the roof and if you live in a middle class home you're considered homeless and gay. Here kids get everything they suck there parents dicks for and will probably all be broken later in life. If you have sex once you're considered a slut and if you haven't had sex your considered a loser, lose-lose situation.The parties thrown are usually busted by Laurel Springs security in about 30 minutes and if you even mention the word "marijuana" you're given the name crack-head because weed and crack are on the same level at good ole LamBURRt but don't worry we can drink alcohol all we want because it's "legal"
i go to Lambert High School

rich fuck
by Kritex July 03, 2011
known as the "rich snobby school" even though most people are pretty chill here. some can be dicks but there are dicks everywhere. the best parties are thrown by lambert people. if one person messes with a lambert student then they have there back. LAX BROS. where some girls are whores and guys just want pussy. while others are classy and nice. where someone does something and everyone hears about it. the jock school but still excel in academics.
alex: "did you get pussy last night?"
chris: "no dude did you?"
alex: "fuck yes."
chris: "nice bro this is going to suck today at lambert high school."

as read above LAX BROS.
by blehhhhhw June 17, 2011
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