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A Lake Erie Log Jam can be found in the bowl of 50% of public toilets. It is created by the first person that uses a non-functioning public toilet by totally fucking up the bowl with a huge Steamer and then tops it off with half the roll of toilet paper, which starts the Log Jam. Next person who has a Hydraulic Shit coming on and happy to find a shitter working or not adds to the log pile then uses what’s left of the roll. The next and subsequent people have no choice but to shit on top of the log pile or shit their pants, which adding to the pile makes more sense than laying down a Skid Mark in their pants which of course leads to a Rusty Bumper. After several people have assaulted the bowl, with none of it going down a LAKE ERIE LOG JAM is created, so named as if you live in the Midwest, and are north of the continental divide, that shit’s gonna wind up in Lake Erie one way or another.
I had to Carpenter Cut a Lake Erie Log Jam at McDonald’s or shit my pants!
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
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