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Terrorizing snow, especially if you are from Cleveland, Ohio.
Television: And look for "Lake Effect Snow" late sunday night.

Child: Mom!!! It could be a three day weekend!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mom: I know, I hope not...
by whatisthat88 January 25, 2011
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Lake Effect Snow is a sexual act similar to a Buffalo Blizzard, but contains at least twelve guys - or thirteen if there's no girl. The guys all build up huge loads, and then get blowjobs from the girl. they all cum on her face at the same time, dumping a ton of "snow" on her.

Another similar sexual act called a Whiteout would include at least twenty guys jizzing on a girl at once, with an emphasis given to the face and eyes, thereby causing a whiteout for the girl, as she cannot see.
Matt: How was that stag last night?

Justin: Awesome!! We dumped Lake Effect Snow all over the strippers. I think one had to stop because of a whiteout.
by SnowMen13 January 25, 2011

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