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In the mountains within the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. Near many residential communities, which include Cedar Glen, Blue Jay, Rimforest, Skyforest, and Agua Fria. Lake Arrowhead is a man made lake. It has a surface area of approximately 780 acres. A weekend getaway 2 hours from Los Angeles.

Seen in the films such as "Space Jam" "The Hand" "The Parent Trap" "It's a Mad Mad Mad World" "Giant" and "Magnificent Obsession".
Dude A: It is supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend. Where should we go?

Chic B: We could water ski at Lake Arrowhead and look for rattlesnakes.
by Fake Aorta February 12, 2010
37 7
The most isolated place in Southern California.
Also, probably the worst hang out area ever.
"Does Lake Arrowhead have a lake in the shape of an arrowhead?"

by cookyman May 31, 2008
19 48