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In the mountains within the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. Near many residential communities, which include Cedar Glen, Blue Jay, Rimforest, Skyforest, and Agua Fria. Lake Arrowhead is a man made lake. It has a surface area of approximately 780 acres. A weekend getaway 2 hours from Los Angeles.

Seen in the films such as "Space Jam" "The Hand" "The Parent Trap" "It's a Mad Mad Mad World" "Giant" and "Magnificent Obsession".
Dude A: It is supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend. Where should we go?

Chic B: We could water ski at Lake Arrowhead and look for rattlesnakes.
by False Aorta February 12, 2010
The most isolated place in Southern California.
Also, probably the worst hang out area ever.
"Does Lake Arrowhead have a lake in the shape of an arrowhead?"

by cookyman May 31, 2008

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