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Lakan is a title in the pre - hispanic Filipino nobility which means "paramount ruler" and Dula is the name of the paramount ruler.
Lakan Dula is not Lakandula and never Rajah Lakandula, you moron.
#lakan dula #david dula #sumoroy #palapag #candawid
by Ruby Ronquillo April 05, 2008
Lakandula is an illiterate way of writing Lakan Dula, the pre - hispanic King of Manila. This is the spelling of the paid hacks usually identified with a family from Lubao, Pampanga Philippines whose tall tales written by their great grandfather put them on the side of the traitors and not with the Philippine heroes. What a bad writer of tall tales.
You do not spell Lakan Timamanukum as lakantimamanukum, so, dont spell Lakan Dula as lakandula, you moron.
#lakandula #lakan dula #macapagal #magat salamat #lubao #candaba
by Dennis Arroyo February 23, 2011
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