A vegetarian who is restricted to all meats except pussy.

Go ahead, eat that meat...quit being such a Lainey!
by Flashh Gordon January 11, 2007
Top Definition
a girl who is extremely pretty and very fun to be around. break her heart, she'll break your cock, so be careful. usually has really cool thumbs. but overall, shes great.
no words can explain it. shes just, lainey.
by all drew January 30, 2008
1) An uncommon hero.
2) A broken condom.
3) A terrific actress.
4) Can be normal without being dull and weird without being a freak.
5) Girl who's great in bed.
1) You wouldn't guess it, but she's a Lainey to me.
2) Dude, you freaking had a Lainey!
3) Sarah: Oh my Gosh, she's so great on stage!
Shaquifa: Yes, She's almost a Lainey.
4) Why can't everyone be Lainey?
5) Bob: "You fucked that chick?"
David: "YEAH! And, dude, she was a freaking LAINEY!"
by PaigeUnperfect July 10, 2008
A beautiful girl with a great body. she is perfect she has the best sense of humor, she is outgoing, and can get into trouble with her sarcasm and whitey comebacks. She is a huge daredevil which can get her in trouble to. best of all she can make people smile even when they don't want to. All the boys are after her but shes afraid of love. she is an ok student, but she likes to press the teachers buttons every once in a while. overall beautiful girl who just loves to make people laugh
Lainey is so funny and hot
by udontknowme@#@#@ November 23, 2012
a very quiet girl who is really smart even though she sits in class silently, sometimes listening to music. has rich family and can often be found in the library, reading huge books while her friends walk around the school aimlessly because they hate books. is cute but if you annoy her deliberately, you're in for it. can create unique insults instantly.
Lainey totally knocked that fool's desk over. And she didn't even get a detention!

Lainey got an extension on her assignment because the teachers trust her so much.

Is Lainey reading AGAIN?! It's sceince class, for god's sake!
by crazed koala September 15, 2006
Lainey is a hard core country girl, with an amazing sense of humer, making everybody laugh all the time. Shes never scared, she will face anything that comes her way tough as nails, she likes gettin dirty in the mud, and other places. She is a pick up truck drivin cowgirl allways around her horses. she is extremely beautifull as well, pickin up all kinds of cowboys, but you break her heart or her daddy may shoot yours. Overall she is hillarious, tough, and sexy as hell.
Lainey is so funny and beutifull, look at the way her hair blows when ridding that horse, she ain't affraid of nothing.
by cowboy 4903666689 February 02, 2013
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