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A term used to describe how a male has vigorously pleasured a woman. Often used by the male’s friends to describe the sexual encounter performed on his “social female”. A metaphor using the word “train” to describe a male’s sex organ during the act of sexual intercourse. Not a passionate saying but an aggressive phrase depicting intense pelvic thrusting during sex. It is more acceptable for males to use as females would appear to be quite promiscuous.
Tall Bro: "To be perfectly honest with you bro, that girl isn't even that hot.... for real."

Short Bro: "What the F are you talking about bro? You ain't even laid train yet!!!"

Acceptable (Male)
William: Hey you lay train on that socail female that came over last night?

Lawrence: Train was laid my friend. Tracks and all.

Unacceptable (Female)
Roxy: Hey Lu, you look really beat.

Lu: Oh I know, I met this group of guys at the club last night. They laid train on me and I made them breakfast this morning. You try making 16 omlettes!!
by checkoutyourboy May 26, 2008
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