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Portmanteau contraction of "Loose-Aggressive/Tight-Aggressive". In poker, someone who plays a style somewhere between tight-aggressive (TAG) and loose-aggressive (LAG), raising and reraising a wider range of hands than might seem wise, but doing so with judgment and care, picking opportunities carefully. Often a LAGTAG player will seem to be playing a wide range of hands indiscriminately, when actually they are playing tightly against strong opponents and loosely against weaker ones. Because of their perceived looseness, a LAGTAG can get more action from a TAG than another TAG would.
The local Vegas rocks and nits didn't have what it take to play against the seeming tourist's LAGTAG style.
by pokershaman September 14, 2013
A saying used by gamers to describe how they were killed/cheated death. A play on the word frag tag, only the lag on the server is the reason you died/ avoided a serious can of ass whoopery.
Gamer 1: I hate this game, I just emptied a whole mag into that guy and all he does is look at me and I'm dead. Fucking lag tag!

Gamer 2: Ha Haa, lag tag mother fucker. You can't catch me! boom!!! yo dead lol
by Squaids 187 June 23, 2010
When person with a bad connection joins you game and makes other people lag.
Great, look who joined, here comes the lag tag.
by SirKittyLitter May 17, 2009
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