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A Laetitia is a best friend anyone can have. She is perfect weight that is not too skinny yet not too fat. All the guys love her. If you have a friend named Laetitia I would kepp track of her, everyone wants to be her friend. Every guy falls head over heels for a Laetitia, because she is smart, kind, beautiful. Also Laetitia are usally French or Spanish.
1 Guy: Dam, did u see Laetitia 2day!!

2 Guy: Ya dude, she was smoking HOT!!!!

1 Girl: Heys, guys that's my BFF ur talking about
by I<3myBFFLaetitia October 06, 2010
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An incredibly adorable european girl. She has a gorgeous figure, pretty hair and beautiful eyes. She gets turned on easily and is amazing at sex. You can spend forever talking to this cute girl and you will never get bored. she is funny and smart and caring and sensitive and beautiful and everyone loves her!
Kyle: Man, I'm really interested in Laetitia, I would love to go out with her.
John: Idk dude, a lot of guys at school feel that way so you have a lot of competition.
by bvnogapers January 02, 2013
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A multitude of male male partners sharing the same female either knowingly or unknowingly. A laetitia of men is the equivalent to a harem of women.
"yeah, he really likes her, but does he know about the rest of her laetitia?"

"she should really sort out that laetitia she's got going on, one man is enough"

"having a laetitia is selfish, she should share them out a bit"
by FierceMundy April 25, 2010
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Another word for "p33n".
Less shocking than actually saying "p33n".

Omfg, he has such a big laetitia.
by Leitz January 03, 2008
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