An alcoholic beverage that is usually drunk by a member of the 'daintier' sex.
For example: Martini and lemonade; Budweiser...
Oh no! have you seen johnny? last time i saw him he was on the ladypops, he's gonna get an arsekickin'!
by RichTbiscuits December 05, 2003
Top Definition
Vaginal fart, or any audiable noise from the vulva made during sex. See Queef

I made a lady pop, yo.
by GooberGoot May 09, 2006
A woman who looks like a human lollipop because she is so thin. Her body is stick-thin and her head looks too big in proportion to the body. A very popular look among celebrity woman these days.
"Nah, she's a ladypop, man. That ain't sexy."
by GhostFaceGirl February 10, 2005
A woman who is so stick thin that her head looks too big for her body. Very popular among celebrities these days.
"That actress would be much prettier if she wasn't such a ladypop."
by GhostFaceGirl February 09, 2005
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