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Sexual Position - The act of using a double-sided /headed DILDO to pleasure two (2) persons simultaneoulsy by either or combination of a Male and/or female (via rectal or vaginal). Thus resembling the Spaghetti Scene from the Lady and The Tramp.
*Can also be performed orally. Warning: this method NOT recommended. May cause death by suffocation in less experienced venturers.
Mary-Kate and Ashley naked on the bed and making out saw the double sided Dildo and lubed it up and placed in between and both TOOK all way making it the Best Lady and The Tramp position ever done.
by Daniel & Johnny November 14, 2008
17 15
A sexual act in which a man receives simultaneous oral sex and analingus from two female partners.

The name is a reference both to the scene in the Disney Movie of the same title in which Lady and the Tramp slurp opposite ends of the same spaghetti, and also a way of naming the two women involved: the "lady" (performing the blowjob) and the "tramp" (performing the rimjob).
He got those two sisters SO drunk that during the threesome they gave him a Lady and the Tramp.
by ladyandthetramp January 04, 2010
18 15
Eating either end of any food until you meet in the middle.
"I don't have a knife to split that cupcake, let's just lady and the tramp it."
by quipish August 07, 2012
2 2
Lady and the Tramp is a term that generally refers to a female PIMP and her male PROSTITUTES. The lady is in complete control of her tramp, and is often sleeping with all or one of the tramps.
Bill:Hey did you see the Lady and the Tramp in the red light district?

Ted: Ya, she was slappin around her hoes like a real pimp!
by Fenbers February 11, 2010
7 12