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Lady pimple can be used in either a derogatory or non-derogatory fashion. It refers to the visible “button-like” sexual organ that’s at the front junction of the labia minora. The term is synonymous with clitoris.
Male 1: Dude, some girl just called me a lady pimple. What does that even mean?
Male 2: Weird dude, that s**** probs on Urban Dictionary.
1 Minute Later
Male 2: It says here dude that it’s like a clitoris or something. I learned in anatomy that if androgen and other hormones are not present during early development that’s what ur left with instead of a penis.
Male 1: So… she like called me a lady dick?
Male 2: Ya, and also called you small. Haha
Male 1: That sucks she’s kinda a beotch. I’d still tap that though.
by Yellow Enzo September 29, 2012
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