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A last name coming from the french meaning, "the softness". Of course Americans heard the name and now pronounce it La-Douche-er. Figures. Similar to the definition ladouche or la douche.
Person 1: Hi, my name is Guy Ladouceur
Person 2: Nice to meet you, Guy La-DOUCHE-er!
Person 1: What a fag.
by ladoucheur December 12, 2009
A French name coming from the noun "douceur" meaning softness; smoothness; mildness, mellowness, gentleness; sweetness. In fact, the name does not just come from the word, it is the word with "la" in front, marking the word as feminine.
People with the surname Ladouceur tend to come from French Backgrounds. Fancy that.
by Skippy Jo[h]n Jones July 24, 2008