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Pejorative used by a group of men to describe a member that ducks out of comraderie, goes to bed early, or does not demonstrate stereotypically macho traits.
"What's up with this giant suitcase for a two day trip?"
"Don't ask me, it belongs to Ladies Night over there."

"I'm going bed, guys. Do you mind keeping it down?"
"Whatever you say, Ladies Night."
by J.G August 22, 2007
a popular kool and the gang song
"yes its ladies night and the feelings right" i think thats how the chorus starts
by nosleep42 May 05, 2005
The phrase used by guys to communicate to their girlfriend or FWB that the upcoming lovemaking session is all about their (the woman's) pleasure without any requirement or obligation for reciprocation. Typically this involves performing a combination of oral, digital, anal and/or vibratory stimulations to various erogenous zones in and around her pussy simultaneously, which places her on the big O plateau for a lengthy period of time, enabling multiple high-intensity orgasms.
My girlfriend got really excited when I told her this Thursday was Ladies Night, and completely focused on her pleasure!
by TallandThick May 31, 2016
Is a hentai anime that envolves parties that have tons of nude lesbian girls dancing and making sex. It's too hard...
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
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