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A Saint Louis University bar where underclassmen go to meet up and to find someone to fornicate with. The bar is old, dingy, and the bathrooms reek of urine and vomit. Do not worry if you are not of legal drinking age, simply bring a baseball card to show the bouncer and you will be able to get in. If not, take your drunken self around the building and climb the metal fence, or sneak in through an open window. Laclede's is the perfect place for drunken canoodling. May also be referred to as "La's" or "Lala's".
Man, I'm so wasted... it's almost midnight, let's head to Laclede's.

God damn, what happened last night at Laclede's?

You don't have a fake? It's okay, we're only going to La's.
by ShmartyPants January 29, 2011
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