Super amazing. People with this name enjoy all colors and frolicking foolishly in meadows. They are not usually very tall, but have enough personality to make them 9 feet tall. Laceys are fantastical and like to change their drapes and carpet colors often.
Simple in the mead, that's a Lacey.
1 Woah, that girl is amazing. 2 She must be a Lacey!
by xfabuless April 11, 2009
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Gracefulness at its best, unexplained beauty, and confusion with no-limit.
A Lacey elegance was captured today around noon at the quad, it was as if a motion picture was being filmed by Spielberg himself.
by Mr. Ohakam September 10, 2006
the definition of perfect
wow, that girl has lacey boobs!
by hayleymay August 31, 2008
The most fabulous person in the entire world. :3
Lacey, you are ohsofab. Ily.
by eLL* September 04, 2008
A Lacey is a person who loves to have fun. No one will never understand how she feels. She loves to party and love being around big groups of people. She will always find out if you lie to her. She falls in love easily and has a great body. Lacey is often called beautiful, hot, pretty, or gorgeous by the opposite sex.
"Have you met Lacey"?
"Yeah! She's gorgeous"
by I'mALWAYSright June 28, 2009
Lacey: An extremely happy, gorgeous, confident, sensitive, intelligent, respectful, artistic, balanced, powerful woman. Lacey is a true and wonderful friend, girlfriend, wife and lover. She loves with her entire heart and does not settle for anything less than she deserves. She has incredible style and loves to dance, sing and create from her soul. She is a free spirit with an open mind who loves to be in nature as well as have an incredible night out in the city. She is down to earth and an all around fun gal who loves to smile laugh and enjoy life to its fullest in all she does. She is unlike anyone you will ever meet, she is the most amazing girl ever.
"She is the most amazing woman ever, She must be a Lacey!"
by free spirit girl March 05, 2010
The most pimpetable person. Evaaa.:) She a beast. She knows where she comes from. She is super cool, and is told by men she's hot. Just an all around SPECTACULAR person.
"Dang bit! She's totally hot, she gotta be a Lacey!" -Random Guy 1

"Dude! She IS a Lacey!"- Random Guy 2
by Pimpetable October 07, 2008

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