A public holiday that falls on the first Monday of September, observed in Canada and the United States (Americans spell "labour" as "labor"). In Canada, this is a "statutory holiday", meaning that no one can technically be forced to work it, but those who are willing to must be compensated with government-specified higher pay.

Labour Day, at least in its modern, early 21st century form, does not have any specific, traditional rites or celebrations. It is meant to be a day spent relaxing or recreating, as it celebrates the year's hard labour by workers. Much more common, in other countries, is to have the celebration of May Day (1st day in May), although this is often associated with marches in support of organised labour (unions), and (unfortunately), in recent years, potentially violent demonstrations and actions against wealthy, multi-national corporations.

It is safe to say that May Day is not celebrated in the US because of its ties to and sympathies toward socialism and communism. It can equally be presumed that Canada has aligned its workers' holiday with the US for reasons of politics and economics, as well as commercial convenience.
"Labour Day is an official day of rest for workers. While May Day is meant to do the same, many workers take to the street instead, marching in support of workers' rights."
by outaouais September 05, 2011
Top Definition
A public holiday, therefor a wonderful excuse to get drunk.
I am having a labour day party.
by Nais3820 February 24, 2009
The day where you commemorate all the hard working individuals in the economy and/or for the success they have achieved.
Person 1: Mayne its 3 o'clock! What do you want?

Person 2: Happy labour day!

Person 1: Wtf...like I care...

Person 2: But your family is Mexican...
by ProudEngrishUser September 06, 2011
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