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2 women gather and do the following:

1. get naked
2. take the loosest part of their own Labias
3. stack the two labias side by side
4. pinch the two Labias together
5. make out in front of camera (optional)
Nikki: OMG, im hungry
Alexa: Me too, wanna make a Labia Sandwich?
by MeAN_GoRillAZ January 30, 2010
Wrapping those two fine, tender, swollen, moist pieces of female flesh around a throbbing, engorged massive piece of man-meat, then serving it up, usually with some intense labia "lip fucking" for the room to slowly suck, nibble, eat, or just enjoy.
Dude, I was in the hot tub this weekend with three smokin' co-eds and they started some crazy shit. This brunette laid over the edge of the tub sporting the best swollen camel toe I've ever seen, and says "Wanna rub your cock inside my hot pussy lips?" Who the hell turns that up?

So I'm basically titty fucking her twat and the other two chicks start pushing her lips hard against me. It was fucking amazing. And just when you think it couldn't get any better? One of the chicks starts sucking the brunette's clit lips, and the other one starts mouthing the head of my cock. FFsake! So while I'm stroking it back and forth, I'm mouth fucking her hard, and the brunette is getting awesome head and cock action.

When she came I lost my shit completely. It was a rockin' Labia Sandwich!
by RieverXXX January 18, 2012