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A Lab ho is a female undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral student who flirts,has sex with, seduces or starts relationships with males in the lab be they fellow ( promising and gifted) students, professors or lab supervisors, attending physicians or chief residents etc.. without regards to their marital or relationship status.
Lab hoes are ubiquitous at physical, natural and biomedical sciences laboratories at Academic institutions across the globe and also common in industrial research labs the world over.
These women see their vaginas as perfectly valid tools to advance their careers or to improve their status in the scientific community.
While we were running an RT-PCR that lab ho blew Professor Smith in his office.
by millax November 17, 2008
a fine chick with fly swagger.
"i think that if there was an LA in front of my name things would be different for me... LA B-HOT!"

"It's always $5 specials when La B-Ho's here"
by La B-ho March 06, 2008
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