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Short for 'Lad' or 'Laad'. Meaning man, mate or boy. Created in a conversation with Harry Graham.
That Laa is a ledgend or Safe Laa
by Myllsz'. June 28, 2009
18 6
worlds most ignorant ghetto ass name. point blank period.

pronounced: (La Dash A)
-"Aye yo la-a! yeaa shawty come ova here and hopp up on dis dick!"
-"ok daddy, aint like i can do any thing else with my life because my parents were to ghetto and ignorant to give me a sensable name that is acceptable to society."
by Xx.Juicy.xX October 30, 2010
310 76
ghetto. just. ghetto.
bootyliscious and la-a
by kazakstan!!!! August 17, 2010
204 72
Slang used in Liverpool, UK, meaning mate, pal, buddy etc.
Alright, laa, how's it going?
by Melanie M August 09, 2005
175 43
A more adorable way of saying 'love'
I laas you very much
by veneficus March 03, 2008
10 3
A more adorable way of saying 'love'.
I laas you very much
by veneficus March 02, 2008
7 1
Acronym for Los Angeles Angels, which is a retarded acronym created by owner Arturo Moreno in order to make citizens of Los Angeles feel welcome in Anaheim, where the Angels actually play.
At Dodgers Stadium

Arty Moreno:How come it says ANA on the scoreboard? It should say LAA now.

Frank McCourt(Dodgers owner): Bro, you guys play in Anaheim not in L.A., so we're not putting up LAA if you're not from L.A.
by kilometeros August 06, 2008
8 18