Just about the nicest most helpful person one could ever know. Devotes her time and energy to helping those around her. Those that know her well are truly blessed in their lives.
I pulled a Lawanda today and helped out some friends.
by OSUCowgirl February 02, 2010
Top Definition
LaWanda is an American name that is a derivation of the name Wanda. LaWanda means the little wanderer or the one who wanders. LaWanda is confident, creative, fiercely loyal, brutally honest, intelligent, brave, forgiving, curious, funny and friendly. She can be stubborn, defiant, and single-minded to a fault. If she is your friend, she is your friend for life. If she loves you, she loves you for life. As the name implies, she is a wanderer, a seeker, a searcher, a finder - of color, music, light, love and truth.
by Yuyanni February 03, 2010
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