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One of the most hated men in Chicago. He is a relief pitcher for the Cubs who consistently blows save opportunities in the 9th inning. Coach Dusty Baker forces him to be the team's closer against his will, when he has proven he is a valuable set-up man from his time with the Minnesota Twins.

LaTroy, if you ever read this, when you have a hitter at an 0-2 count, never throw a strike down the middle of the plate. Make him chase one out of the zone, dummy!
Chicagoan #1: Hey, did the Cubs win today?
Chicagoan #2: They were going to, but LaTroy Hawkins blew it again!
by Frustrated Cubs Fan May 07, 2005
A Player on the Chicago Cubs who comes out of the bullpen for the sole purpose of ruining the hopes of a win, ruining the hopes of a seaon, and ruining the hopes of millions and millions of Chicago Cubs fans
Cub Fan #1: Hey did you watch the ninth inning of the Cubs game?

Cub Fan #2: Nah i didnt catch it. Did Hawkins come in?

Cub Fan #1: Yeah

by whynotus2 May 12, 2005
(Used to be) a terrible relief pitcher for the Cubs now a terrible pitcher with the Giants.!! He was just traded to the Giants.

His many nicknames in Chicago were: LaSucky, LaBlow, LaTwat, and LaTrocious.
LaTroy Hawkins blew in Chicago. Then Jim Hendry had the sense to trade that worthless bastard to San Fransisco for two of the best prospects in the Giants system.
by rapsux May 28, 2005
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