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A school that prepares young women to be confident and not slutty. La Reina girls are smart, witty, basically the opposite of a Louisville girl. To be a La Reina girl is to be cream of the crop. To be accepted one must be a particularly special individual having the capacity for leadership, fortitude and solidarity with fellow classmates. Most importantly, La Reina girls have a particular strength of character.
Louisville girl 1: I wish I had self-confidence.
La Reina girl 1: I can conquor the world.
Louisville girl 1: I hope I get married and have a man take care of me and by my sugga daddy.
La Reina girl 1: I don't need a man, I will provide for myself.
by LaReinagirl1 July 05, 2009
the WORST high school in the history of ever.
(it is also a middle school)
disgusting uniforms, disgusting teachers, and disgusting female students (no boys) who are all pricks.
Guy#1: why are you crying?
Girl#1: because i go to La reina.
Guy#1: ouch, i'm sorry. that really sucks.
Girl#1: i know, my parents make me go there.
by an unlucky teenager May 31, 2009