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Ghetto Black Girl Name as seen in the youtube video
"Top 30 Ghetto Black names"
Guy- hey do you want to go to the movies

Girl- Don't you already have a girl?

Guy- Aww, you mean La'kutabytch?, nah she's just a hoodrat.
by Acooldude May 31, 2009

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A Fine ass White chick. Who Asks people she don't even know if they have had sex. She knows how to party like it's the end of he world. This kind of girl is usually marries a Mystic Mocha. She has amazing tats and always wants to use my clip. And You better beware because if she see's you from across the room the first thing she will say is "Im not calling you a dog..but..."
"Damn that girl is sexy as hell"

"oh hell naw dawg you better back off my La'Kutabytch!"
by Mystic Mocha May 29, 2009