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Small-ish city in the northwest corner of Orange County, California. Also known as "Guadalahabra" for its significant Latino population.

Latina: "I'm from Orange County too."
Dude from Huntington Beach: "Geez, with so many Mexicans, I thought La Habra was in LA County."

OC Girl #1: "I grew up in Brea."
OC Girl #2: "Well, Brea has one thing going for it. It's not La Habra."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007
An OC City, right next to Brea, Fullerton, La Mirada, and Rowland Heights. Used to be really nice, but has kind of gone to shit over the years. It's lower income, and so it has the beautiful moniker of "the Gheto of Brea". It is also home to a very large Hispanic population.
La Habra, "An All American City". What a joke. Its a bunch of beaners.
by unquenchablefire March 25, 2007
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